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The Anatomy Of A Great Ecommerce Website

Content1 Great Across-The-Board UX2 Niche, High-Quality Content3 On-Point Visual Branding4 A Data Feedback Loop5 Social Commerce The ecommerce world is a dog eat dog one. With consumers being presented with thousands of potential results for their search queries, the competitive landscape is fierce. In order to get the top spots on Google and succeed as […]...
Social Media
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Social Media for Accountants, Solicitors, and Insurance Brokers

Content1 Will Social Work for “Boring” Industries?2 Part 1: Get Things Ready2.1 Buyer Personas2.2 Choose Your Platforms2.3 Twitter2.4 LinkedIn3 Part 2: Content Plan3.1 Social Media Goals3.2 Measure Everything4 Part 3: Moving Beyond Publishing4.1 Social Ads + Landing Page + Marketing Automation4.2 Influencer Marketing So the boss attends a digital marketing for accountancy firms services event, […]...
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How to Hire a Good SEO Company

Content1 Where do You Start?2 Last Things First3 Google’s Hiring Recommendations4 The SEO Hiring Process4.1 The Interview4.2 Checking References4.3 The SEO Audits5 Look for Structure and Results SEO is all about Google.  Sure, there are SEO experts who dabble in Bing or DuckDuckGo, but for the most part, search engine optimisation is about Google search and […]...
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Google Penguin Update

Content1 Google Loves Multiple Changes2 Can You Recover From Bank Links3 How to Recover and Remove Bad Links4 Preparing The Re-submission Request5 One Final Step6 The Irony of Google’s Part in This Mess UPDATE: According to Google the last manual update of Google Penguin started on Friday 23rd September 2016.  So far, I have not […]...