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Marketing Strategies for Accountants

Growing your accounting firm requires a serious and strategic approach, and having a detailed marketing strategy in place is essential. However, marketing usually isn’t a top priority when we’re talking about smaller accounting firms, but growth requires investing more time and money in it. Making your firm more visible will result in generating better leads […]...
On Page SEO
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A Beginners Guide to Google SEO Guidelines

With all the negative news about Google SEO, you might think that Google does not recommend SEO. However, Google recommends SEO for your website – you can read the full documents here and here. This post is a beginners guide to ranking higher on Google. Google’s documentation is a 32-page guide – this is shorter […]...
Travel Marketing
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Content Marketing for Travel Companies

The travel and tourism industry has been steadily growing, and according to stats, it’s one of the fastest growing sectors with bookings reaching $1.6 trillion in 2017. But, apart from being very lucrative, this market is also a highly competitive and saturated one, which means you have to tap into different marketing strategies if you […]...
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Content Marketing for Service Businesses

Content marketing for service businesses has to be approached differently than for those selling tangible products with immediately visible features and benefits. If you’re running an accounting company, providing healthcare services, or practising law, then you’ve noticed that your content can’t be done in the way that so-called glamorous industries do it. However, the fact […]...
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What is Local SEO and Why Do You Need It

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s crucial for your potential customers to be able to find you on the internet. For this, you need so-called general SEO, that is, the work of optimising your website for global or national searches. In other words, if you want to target a particular audience regardless […]...