Local SEO Services

local seo map packOur UK Local SEO service enables your website to leap to the top of Google’s organic search results.

This can be achieved without long search engine optimisation – though that depends on how competitive your market is.

Notice the image to the right – is there any better way to stand out in the crowded organic search results?

You need to be on the first page – 75% of searchers never go past the first page.

Being in the top three has never been more important for your business due to increased mobile usage.

What is Local SEO?

Google Local Listings are displayed in towns and cities when a user searches on Google and Google believes there are local businesses that are suitable results for that search term.

  • Local results appear in more than 90% of search queries
  • According to Google, more than 50% of local search clicks result in a shop visit with a day
  • More than 90% of your customers search for local services and products online
  • More than 80% of consumers trust online reviews

If you are a local business serving a town, village, or city being listed in local is a great way to appear prominently at the top of Google.

The local pack now lists only three companies, in the past, it listed up to seven – more reason to make sure you are one of the three.

The listing includes review stars, address, telephone number, opening times, a map listing, and directions to your business.

For example:

A search for SEO Agency resulted in the image at the top right of this page. Try it and see: search for plumber, accountant, cycle shop, any local business service or product.

Our Three Step Local SEO Strategy

  1. Google My Business Optimisation
  2. Small on-site changes
  3. Off-site submissions and links

(There really needs to a fourth step – Google Ads)

Google My Business

Google business listing is the starting point for any local search SEO listing. Being listed with Google is a must.

We will optimise your Google listing or give you the instructions.

Website Changes

There are a few changes that will be needed on your website.  They are small, part of the code, and necessary.

Off Site Submissions

There are three parts to off-site optimisation:

  • Local citations
  • Reviews
  • Particular links

How Long Does Local SEO Take?

Some keywords can show almost immediately, but for more competitive search terms expect between 6 and 8 months – your website will usually have to rank in the first page for the search term.

Our work is spread over three months.  From past testing, off-site citations and links are counted quicker if spread over time rather than bulk submissions.


The cost is depends on your current rankings, location and business sector – if you are working in a competitive niche link building will be required for longer. 

National Multi Address Businesses

Special care is required when submitting more than one address to Google.  Done right this can be a great opportunity for national businesses to rank quickly and easily everywhere they have an office, shop, or store.

However, Google appears to be very strict with multiple location submissions and they do take the time to check that every location exists and what the main business carried on at that location.

Local SEO Clean Up

If you have changed address, telephone number, domain name, or company name it is worthwhile cleaning up your local SEO listings.

It is more time consuming to change local citations, therefore each contract is quoted individually.