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No it is not this bad…

One of the biggest surprises for participants on the SEO course is the amount of writing that is required for search optimisation.

Content is required for your own site, a lot of sites we see don’t have enough content on each page, this is highly relevant for online shops.  Content for your own site is often better written by yourself and polished by someone else.  It is just too easy to write and publish and not see your own mistakes.

Most good link building techniques need a variety of content and the content needs to be at a certain level.  Content for publishing Press Releases should be very well written, content for article directories is often of a much lower standard and if you publish content on someone else’s site often the content must be of a very high standard.

We don’t expect you to write all this content yourself; after all you have a business to run.

There are companies that will write content for you and knowing which ones are the best is something that has taken us a while and much trial, error, and cost – we will let you know where to get content for the best price.

Most articles for directories can be purchased for less than $10 and these are fine for directories.  A good Press Release can be bought for $25 to $50; all content you buy must be original and never published elsewhere.

Content writing for SEO is only one of the many areas where you will learn how professional SEO’s work on a day to day basis.


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