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You have likely spent a great deal of time and money putting your website online, and crafting the content to provide a positive impression of your company.  The aim, as we all know, is to have new customers.  The main problem is that almost every sector online is competitive.

We can help you rank the pages on your site that bring in the best new customers.  We have found out over time that ranking highly for the most common keywords does not produce the best results.

For example, SEO is the most commonly searched for term in our industry.  However, ranking highly for this keyword produced many low-quality referrals.  That wasted a lot of internal resources, firstly to rank, and sending out proposals – that are time-consuming.

At Cube, we found a different type of customers by focusing on lower searched for terms, like SEO company and SEO agency.

We can help you find these customers in your market using organic search or adverts through Adwords, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

After this, we help with local, national, or international SEO.  This is usually in the form of content marketing or link building.

How We Work

The first step in all new SEO projects is an SEO audit.  An audit will eliminate all the problem that can stop your website from ranking better in Google.  The results of an audit will normally create a lot of internal work.  The most common problems are thin content – low word count, duplicate content, menu issue – hierarchical problems – and strength of website – links from other websites.

SEO is necessary for all website, even if you decide only to use advertising to drive visits.  Better on page SEO will lead to a lower cost per click in Adwords.

Analytics & Google Search Console

It is important to have analytics set up correctly to see how visitors are progressing through your website.  Are they following the expected funnel, is the bounce rate too high, are visits arriving via the correct keywords, are goal setup, is the ecommerce module tracking conversions?  Analytics is not theoretical, it provides real world answers.

Google Search Console is Google’s’ method is providing you with more information about your website and highlighting some issues when they occur.  We can help setup GSC and check for any outstanding problems.


We expect to be partners with all our customers.  We take pride in being responsive to all your communications.  The flip side of this is that we also expect the same from our customers.

I, Leslie Gilmour, expect all our customers to have goals for their website.  I expect to understand those goals and do my best to work with you in bringing them to fruition.

Link Building

With content outreach we will rank your website higher, resulting in more business.  We do this by finding great places online to place relevant content that will drive traffic and ranking.

We have a team of writers that produce great content every day.  This content is then placed on a website that we make contact with.  We do not use private blog networks, due to inherent long-term dangers.

We will check your competitors, what keywords drive their business, what links do they have, can we replicate them and do better. (And optimising internal anchors is a highly underused great way to get quick results)


We work in Google Sheets.  We have no problem giving you non edit access to the sheets for your business.  In these sheets you will see the list of your current links, the lists of your competitor’s links and the results to date of each one that we have inspected.  The sheets list directories we have submitted to – yes, some are still worthwhile, but those are mainly industry specific.

The most important part of the sheet is outreach.  This sheet lists all the websites we have made contact with, the results of that contact, you can see where we have ordered content, and when an article goes live.

We hide nothing from our customers.  All rankings, traffic, and links are highlighted in the monthly SEO report.

Transfer of knowledge

We work with companies that outsource their SEO and those that have in-house SEO teams.  We will work with every client to ensure we clearly explain our processes and reasoning behind all actions.  This way we hope over time to raise everyone’s understanding of search engine optimisation.