SEO Case Studies

Publishing a case study is one of the few times we get to show off.  The following case studies show the work that was involved in each project and how we work with customers.  They give you more of an idea what we are like.

Cosmetic Surgery SEO Case Study

Medic updates in Google have made it a turbulent year for cosmetic surgery websites, their traffic and rankings. TL;DR 89% organic traffic increase 28% total traffic increase 40% increase in enquires (These are all year on year stats). We started working with the company in May 2018.  During the first few months, we had started …

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B2B SEO Case Study

We started working with this accountant in February 2017.  In Jan of 2017, the website had around 400 visitors from Google, by Jan 2018 this was over 8,500 for the month. Cube started in February with a technical SEO audit and a content audit. Both audits resulted in a lot of work. The company had recently …

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SEO Case Study for Engineering Company

This engineering SEO case will focus on one company and their products and services. However, I have had the pleasure of working in what are considered not sexy industries for many years.  Companies like engineering, construction, fabrication, stone suppliers & quarries, timber suppliers, cladding, substation safety and a bicycle manufacturer – you get the idea. …

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travel SEO case study increases

SEO Case Study for a Travel Company

We started working with Follow the Camino in July of 2016. They initially hired us for an SEO audit. Their website had been hacked, made possible by an error on the part of their hosting company and they needed to make sure everything had been cleaned up. (Note on the above image: I prefer to …

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