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I am guessing that you are here to find help or inspiration with your SEO & digital marketing.


As an SEO company, we can help in most cases. We work with businesses and website owners to drive more business from Google search, Ads, and help to get better conversions from those visits.

Finding the right SEO company for your business can be a challenge. Will we be the right fit for you?


Let’s have a call and find a solution to your search, traffic, and marketing problems.


SEO Audit Service

An SEO audit will ensure that your website is technically optimised for the best results in search – Google. We will fix and provide solutions to all issues.

Paid Advertising

Which digital channel will work best for your business? Are you local or national, do you have remarketing ads setup? Read more on our PPC management services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of creating content that brings visitors to your website. This content needs to be closely aligned with your products or services and help your customers.

Local SEO

Most businesses target a local geographic area. Local SEO results in your website ranking for queries that include a location parameter. Local SEO targets business listings on Google Maps.

Content Quality Audits

A Content quality audit will ensure that your content is of the best quality and relevant to your business and customers. This is one area where websites can see very quick wins.

Link Building - Skyscraper Outreach

We run two main link building strategies, guest posts and skyscraper outreach. Both improve your ranking in Google, brings in referral traffic, and results in more customers.

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SEO Case Studies

I love to see our client’s success.


B2B Success

Accountant Online turned the geographic local practice idea on its head. Using content marketing they built an online business nearly 10 times bigger over three years. They now have the largest online footprint of any accountant in Ireland. They have vision.


Read the full case study.


Travel Success

100% increase in traffic during the first six months, then 180% growth year on year thereafter


Working with their in-house marketing team we helped design a content marketing roadmap to greater visibility, but more importantly more travel customers. Read more

Helping Businesses Grow

Our Simple Four Step Strategy

SEO Review of Your Website

Who are you and where are you going? Does this align with your website?

Fix All SEO & Messaging Issues

Rewrite content when required, and optimise on-site issues based on quickest ROI.

Start Link Building

Build the strength of the website to ensure your content appears in front of your target audience when they are looking for it.

Produce Highly Focused Content

Write, publish, and promote the best in class keyword targeted information for your market - covering all funnel stages.

Why an SEO Strategy?

In today’s super connected world if you are not in digital, generally you are invisible. Unfair? Perhaps, but true.


Defining your brand position and then working relentlessly can result in great success. But more so, defining who you are, who your customers are, and how they want to be approached provides laser focus in all your marketing efforts.


Recent Blog Posts

Ambitious Marketing

Cube Digital are a great fit for certain types of company.


All of our highly successful SEO projects have involved ambitious businesses, owners, and marketing managers. Outside of eCommerce, the most successful projects have been content marketing lead. This type of project requires high engagement and therefore reasonable internal capacity.


Great SEO can cause internal business problems, good problems to have, but problems none the less. This biggest problem is having the ability to scale, usually a recruitment issue. However, leaving aside scale this problem can also be tackled by aiming for higher profitability rather than a bigger company.

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how seo can help your business

Transfer of SEO Knowledge

Most of the companies we have worked with have an internal person or team leading their SEO & marketing strategy. We work with internal teams to transfer knowledge and help set up processes to ensure consistency and deeper internal capacity.


We do this by helping to write process documents and running internal training – online or onsite.